About me

J o u s e f   M u r a d

Born August 12th, 1991

Soon-to-be engineer


At the moment I am working towards a B.Sc degree in mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). I finished my bachelor thesis three months ago covering tribological behaviour and the simulation of roughness parameter including the simulation of the Abbott-Firestone curve and its change over time using MATLAB & ABAQUS.

As a student employee being in several positions I was able to gather a lot of technial experiences as well as interpersonal skills/social competences and therefore improving my soft skills.

My high degree of motivation and some good ideas now and then have always been appreciated by my team members. They describe me as creative, resourceful, inquisitive as well as goal oriented.

Things I would like to learn in the future: Solid knowledge about CFD and  autodidactically learning 1-2 programming languages because my skills narrow down to “Hello World” in Java. So that is what I have to work on. In my young ages I wanted to become a hacker to serve the poor and to end injustice. Why didn’t I follow that path?

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


So I decided not to be in jail for the rest of my life with 16 and focus on other things like psychology and how the system actually works. That is basically how I procrastinate when I should learn for exams. That answers your question that you had at the beginning in your subconscious mind why I am still in my bachelors. To escape this mighty maelstrom called society. But you can’t, let’s be honest.

And thanks to society everybody is getting molded into a state approved homogenous drone that cannot think outside of the prescribed consensus. We learn how to repeat information instead of how to think for ourselves. They do not want us to become threats to the status quo. When we graduate we will get a job and pay our taxes in order to perpetuate the corporate system of indentured servitude for our political overlords.


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